Magarpatta Centre Opening by Shri Prashant Iyengar





Michelle Poonawalla

“Yoga is something that is not only spiritual and mental but also physical. It makes our minds and bodies stronger and helps us to learn to live a balanced life in this everyday world. Yoga is something that brings peace.”

Smt Bhagyashree Patil

“Rajeshree with her team has been taking initiatives and great efforts to take care of our employees at Rise n Shine through Yoga practices in a rural area, at theur, Pune. I have tremendously benifitted by her guidance in all aspects, Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.”

Chirag Nanavati

“I joined Shriyog to treat my “Ankylosing Spondylitis” with 60% damage to the spine. Thanks to the well trained,dedicated staff at the Institute, the prescribed therapy has already started yielding results, and particularly made a noticeable
difference in my posture. I was destined to get treated at the Shriyog Institute rather than an Institute or Hospital.”

Chirag, Shriyog Therapy Batch Student


“I have been suffering from severe stiffness for couple of years, resulting in stoop posture and limited neck movements.
Almost 2 yrs back I visited “shriyog“ and Rajshree mam with her whole team have been too supportive and compassionate towards my health betterment.
There has been a drastic shift in my mobility and flexibility. My posture has also visibly improved.”

Nina, Shriyog Wanowrie Centre

Mayuri Garware

Shriyog community has helped me immensely to deepen my Yoga practice and fortify my journey inwards. The method ot teaching, sequencing and sharing of knowledge have aligned me to a wonderful path.  

Alpana Kirloskar

Practicing Yoga with Shriyog has kep me energised and rejuvenated both physically and spiritually. Despite the classes being online currently, the teachers are attentive and quick to emphasise on correct alignment. I thoroughly enjoy the Shriyog classes and look forward to them

Manisha Jaitha

I am practicing Yoga since many years but yet found independent Sirsasana difficult. Thanks to the Shriyog team now i can go into Sirsasana independently and stay in my favourite Asana comfortably

Shribala Chordia

True to its motto, Shriyog has indeed made a great impact on everything that matters to me. It has helped me look inwards and establish a relationship with my own self. I have evolved emotionally, mentally and spritually. Shriyog is not just a Yoga class, it is a life long uplifting journey.


Thankyou for the stretches, the ropes & the props. Felt very good. This Yoga stuff really works! Lots of love to your team for their prayers


Meeting Rajeshree has been such a wonderful experience. My love & bright energy to the team at the centre. Look forward to meeting you all very soon. Love, Light & Peace