Advanced Iyengar Yoga – 6 Part Series (Koregaon Park, Pune)


Exclusive & Limited Series At Koregaon Park Centre, Pune

Date & time – 04th March to 15th April, Selected Saturdays 7.30am to  9.00am

Yoga is for everyone. Shriyog culture and value is firmly embedded in these words of Guruji BKS Iyengar. Every limb of study and the spread out levels of classes at Shriyog caters to the needs of students from different walks of life and to the different levels of Yoga practitioners.

With this series we open the doors to intermediate & advance Yogasanas practice. Spread out over 6 Saturdays, this series will unlock the flow from basic Asanas to advance Asana practice step by step.

Each Saturday, we will focus on a specific category of Asana Practice diving deep into the fundamentals, variations and overcoming limitations. With proper guidance & demonstrations by our teachers, there is a lot to learn, apply & grow from each of these invaluable sessions.

Who should attend?

All the 3 levels of Yoga practitioners Uttam (best), Madhyam (middle) and Adham (beginner) are welcome to join this series. We recommended that you have prior Iyengar Yoga experience.

  • Part 1 – Sat 04th March – Utthistha & Upavista Sthiti (Advance Standing & Sitting Asana Practices) 
  • Part 2 – Sat 11th March – Viparita Sthiti (Advance Inversion Asana Practices)
  • Part 3 – Sat 18th March – Purva Pratana Sthiti (Advance Back Bending Asana Practices)
  • Part 4 – Sat 01st April – Bhuja Tolasana Sthiti (Advance Arm Balancing Asana Practices)
  • Part 5 – Sat 08th April – Parivrtta & Paschima Pratana Sthiti (Advance Twisting & Forward bending Asana Practices)
  • Part 6 – Sat 15th April – Pranayama & Dhyana (Breathing & Meditation Practices)
Lead Teachers for this series

Shriyog Founder, Smt. Rajeshree Tupe is a student of Guruji BKS Iyengar, Dr Geeta Iyengar & Shri Prashant Iyengar for over 25 years and brings a unique blend of three brilliant teachers. She uses the holistic approach to health of body, mind and soul in an accessible way for her students through the intelligent practice of asana and pranayama. A certified senior Iyengar yoga teacher, she also holds a Diploma in Ayurveda & Lifestyle Management.

Her early days at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI) kindled the fire of Yog and the gifts of the practice ignited a desire to share the teachings of this system. She began teaching after experiencing the tremendous healing and balancing power of yoga after the birth of her first child.

Rajeshree Ma’am will be supported by our other senior & beginner teachers from the team. We will be guiding you and assisting you patiently throughout the 6 part journey to reach your potentials in Asana practice.

General dos & don’ts
  • Be punctual in your class. Reach 10 minutes before time
  • Keep your Authentic Iyengar Yoga props handy on your mat. Props are provided free at the centre for your use only
  • Wear comfortable clothes that allow your skin to breathe. Cotton fabric is most suitable.
  • Yoga mat is available on rent of Rs 30/- at the centre. You may choose to bring your own mat too.
  • Keep an empty stomach. At least 2 hours must have elapsed before the session time
  • Listen to the instructions in class carefully for a safe and effective practice. You are responsible for your own safety
  • Stay committed but know your limitations. Listen to your body and breath. Never exert yourself
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