Beginners Batch Magarpatta – Monday & Friday 6.30 to 7.30pm (IST)


This class takes place on Monday & Friday 6.30pm. This course is designed for beginners. The syllabus covers a thorough list of 100+ Yogasanas designed for beginner practice based on the Shriyog seasons calendar spread over 12 months. Therefore our recommended time in this course is a minimum of 1 year or more. Beginner classes at Shriyog maily focus on alignment of the body, flexibility and strength. You will also be introduced to some Iyengar Yoga props which will be helpful in taking your practice and experience deeper. Every month, one Pranayama class will also be conducted specifically designed for beginner students
Recommended for – Recommended for – Beginners in Iyengar Yoga & for anyone who has 0-3 years in any other form of Yoga, Anyone who is returning to Iyengar Yoga after a long break
Benefits – Reduce everyday fatigue, Improve body flexibility, Improve breathing quality, improve cardiac, digestive & excretion functioning,improve patience & calmness
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