TRANSFORM YOURSELF – 10 weeks course by STA


This is a 10 week FULLY ONLINE course by Shriyog Training Academy. A certificate of attendance will be provided to all participants – (Course dates 18th July to 16th September 2023)



LIVE ONLINE Sessions 3 times a week 
  • Every Tuesday & Saturday LIVE session will include distinct Yoga practice every session ranging from foundation, Surya Namaskars, Flow sequences, Muscle recovery, alignment and more
  • Every Thursday LIVE session will be a guided Savasana, Pranayama & Dhyana session. 
  • Some of these sessions will also include Yoga philosophy explained in a simple way that you can apply in your day to day life for better thinking and living
Yoga Knowledge
We will explore Yoga philosophy with 2 unique lectures. These lectures will deliver the simple yet effective rules to help you to navigate the ups and downs of life. Our aim is to explain the subject in a simple way so that you can use it for your growth and transformation in everyday living 
Ayurveda for daily application
Ayurveda is a complimentary science to Yoga practice. It also has the power to prevent and heal diseases. Our Ayurveda Dinacharya lectures by experts for practical healthy habits with healthy home recipes will be a boon to your daily routine.
This course is designed in a way that you absorb the knowledge for your mind, body & breath to cultivate new habits break old unwanted routines, improve your quality of life overall approach to life. 


Over the 10 weeks you will get access to :

  1. A total of 20 unique sessions ranging from of energising Yoga classes, relaxing flows, stretching and strengthening Yoga, Iyengar Yoga foundation, Surya namaskars, Restorative Yoga, Ayurveda lectures and Yoga Philosophy lectures
  2. 10 unique Savasana, Pranayama & Dhyana sessions with gradual progression in each class

Variations for different experience levels are accommodated in the sessions. If you are a new or an experienced practitioner, you’ll still be able to benefit from all the sessions.

What you’ll learn :

  1. Variety of Yog asana practice in a safe and effective way
  2. Lessons for self-care and growth
  3. Yoga to improve life skills
  4. Breathwork to improve and maintain energy
  5. How to prepare for meditation
  6. Correct Pranayama techniques
  7. Ayurveda for daily living
  8. Indian Philosophy for life skills



Session 1 – Tuesday 18th July 7pm
Session – Yoga foundation Part 1
Practice – Explore foundations of yogasana practice for all body types
End relaxation – Guided Savasana
Teacher – Kanchan

Session 2 – Thursday 6.15pm
Session – Savasana & Pranayama – foundation 1
Practice – Explore the foundations of pranayama practice
Teacher – Neha

Session 3 – Saturday 7pm
Session – Essential Yoga stretches – Part 1
Practice – Yoga focusing on mobility, range of motion, and tension relief
End relaxation – Savasana for the muscles
Teacher – Seema

Session 4 – Tuesday 7pm
Session – Balance dynamics – 1
Practice – Yoga for steadiness, focus, balance and patience.
End relaxation – Balanced Savasana
Teacher – Jai

Session 5 – Thursday 6.15pm
Session – Savasana & Pranayama
Practice – Ujjai pranayama 1 & 2
Teacher – Seema

Session 6 – Saturday 7pm
Session – Flow practice – Part 1
Practice – Shriyog signature flow for strength, balance & flexibility
End relaxation – Deep Savasana
Teacher – Hitesh


Session 22 – Tuesday 7pm
Session – Alignment – part 2
Practice – Learn to move your muscles and joints with alignment for a healthy life long practice
End relaxation – Savasana for breath alignment
Teacher – Jai

Session 23 – Thursday 6.15pm
Session – Savasana & Pranayama
Practice – Viloma pranayama
Teacher – Rajeshree Ma’am

Session 24 – Saturday 7pm
Session – Suryanamaskars part 2
Practice + Lecture – The why, what, where and eveything you need to know about Surya Namaskars
End relaxation – Savasana for the full body
Teacher – Hitesh

Session 28 – Tuesday 7pm
Session – Yoga & Fascia release part 2
Practice – Target common trouble spots with fascial release to remove tension from deep muscles
End relaxation – Guided Savasana
Teacher – Jai

Session 29 – Thursday 6.15pm
Session – Savasana & Pranayama
Practice – Revision session UJJAI
Teacher – Neha

Session 30 – Saturday 7pm – 16th September
Session – Philosophy 101
Lecture – Principles Ashtanga Yog
Teacher – Hitesh


Meet the team :

Shriyog training Academy (STA) was established under the aegis of Shriyog institute to open up the subject of Yog beyond the confines of any set style and schools. Our aim is to introduce and explore Yoga and wellness in the most practical and simple way that is applicable for daily living.

The Master for this course is Shriyog Founder, Smt. Rajeshree Tupe. She is a student of Guruji BKS Iyengar, Dr Geeta Iyengar & Shri Prashant Iyengar for over 25 years and brings a unique blend of three brilliant teachers. She uses the holistic approach to health of body, mind and soul in an accessible way for her students through the intelligent practice of asana and pranayama. A certified senior Iyengar yoga teacher, she also holds a Diploma in Ayurveda & Lifestyle Management.

The design and syllabus for this course was developed by senior Shriyog teacher Hitesh who will be actively teaching in some of the sessions along with other premium Shriyog teachers Neha, Jai & Seema. Foundation teachers Veeresh and Kanchan who are graduates from the STA will also be a part of certain foundation sessions 


  • Course dates 18th July to 16th September
  • Classes are held LIVE ONLINE every Tuesday & Saturday 7pm and every Thursday 6.15pm 

Over the 10 weeks we will be working on all the 3 aspects of Mind, Body & Breath to 

  • Stimulate and improve the functioning of human systems
  • Balance Hormonal function 
  • Tone the abdomen
  • Reduce stress and improve sleep
  • Follow an Ayurvedic lifestyle 
  • Improve confidence and posture
  • Improve flexibility 
  • Improve relationships
  • Improve circulation and spine health
  • Learn to use your body weight in workouts
  • Build strength, flexibility and mobility
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Reduce stiffness in critical joints


Learn Yoga, Pranayama and wellness rules in the most correct and scientific way to create new, healthy, long-term habits for your mind, body and breath in this 10 week course by shriyog Training Academy 


  • There are no course requirements or prerequisites
  • No previous experience is required


  1. Can I join if I am suffering from lifestyle diseases like diabetes, thyroid, hypertension etc? – Yes.  You can and you must. Our aim will be to help you reverse your chronic conditions.
  2. Which platform are the Online classes conducted – Zoom. A link will be given to you to join the sessions
  3. What happens if I miss a class – We do not provide recordings as the course program cost a very limited and affordable. We also focus on developing a discipline and expect students to manage their time efficiently to attend all classes as scheduled
  4. Will i get a refund if I cancel mid way – No refunds will be given once the course starts

Program Cost – discounted to INR 5999/-  Get this now from 1499/- onwards for a limited time and limited seats 

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