Asana & Pranayama Evening Batch – Wanowrie, Magarpatta, KP


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Yoga Props for classes are provided free of charge for use at the institute.  

The syllabus covers a thorough list of 40+ Yogasanas and a fair amount of restorative & pranayama practice based on the Shriyog seasons calendar spread over 12 months. You can join this course at anytime of the year.  

What do classes include?
• Asanas for arms
• Asanas for legs
• Posture correction
• Lower back stretches
• Neck exercises
• Asanas for spine flexibility
• Asanas for the digestive system
• Asanas for the heart, liver, kidneys and other organs
• Breathing & Pranayama
• Asanas for Relaxation & better sleep
  • Beginners in Yoga
  • Students who have had a break from Yoga practice & are returning back
  • Recovering from minor injuries & health problems
  • Lifestyle & stress management

* This course serves as an essential introduction to Iyengar Yoga for students and is expressly not intended to be construed as a teacher training program.

*The rights of admission are reserved with the Shriyog management.

* An email with confirmation and general Do’s & Don’ts will be sent upon completing your registration  

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