As a service to the society and in line with our vision of a OneHealthyWorld we have these batches at special prices. These are open for all

What is a OneHealthyWorld Batch by Shriyog?
  • Delivery only with Shriyog’s safe and effective teaching standards
  • Designed to make you stronger and bring calm in your life
  • Designed to sustain health in today’s challenging conditions
  • Designed to revive your strength, revive your immunity and invite calmness
  • Most importantly the batch is free of cost / very low cost or donation based to the students

Recommended for – All levels of Asana & Pranayama practitioners

Venue – Shriyog Institute, Magarpatta

Batch 1- Asana, Pranayama & Dhyana Every Saturday 6.30 to 7.30am

Batch 2 (New Batch) – Fat loss & Pranayama Every Wednesday & Saturday 8.45 to 9.30am

You can join this class anytime of the year

Shriyog classes are designed with 25yrs of experience. Our values ensure that all our classes are highly safe and effective

Map to institute

You will also be using Iyengar Yoga props for Asanas in this course which is provided free in the classes
  • Beginners in Yoga
  • Students who have had a break from Yoga practice & are returning back
  • Improving breathing quality and energy levels
  • Lifestyle & stress management
  • Fat loss (for Fat loss batch)
* This course serves as an essential introduction to Iyengar Yoga for students and is expressly not intended to be construed as a teacher training program.
*The rights of admission are reserved with the Shriyog management. 
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